Knife combat & Knife defense


Knife Combat - surviving by speed.....

In violent conflicts today there is an increase in the use of weapons such as a knife or other objects such as screwdrivers or straightrazors etc.

A knife compensates for physical deficiencies, it makes every attacker an extremely dangerous opponent. Escape is always the first choice, but this is not always possible. Unlike in an unarmed struggle here every hit causes a dangerous injury.
Trinity Combat Concepts offers one of the most effective knife fighting systems anywhere - a thoughtful, purposeful, and functional system for the road.

The effectiveness and applicability of our techniques are continually evolving, and we regularly test our techniques in hard sparring and full contact exercises with paint marking knives, which clearly show any hits.

The motion-sequences are the same as in our unarmed self-defense system - just adjusted for the heightened danger of an edged weapon.



The knife fight is clearly one of the fastest martial arts, movement and speed can save lives. We train realistically and usually with high attack speed and intensity. A slower and weaker person can fight off any attack if he knows appropriate weapon techniques.

For reality-based training, full contact training is needed and with the proper equipment. This equipment consists of a special full contact helmet visor and grille specifically developed for these training exercise knives. The helmets and knives are an in-house development of Trinity Combat Concepts.