The Shillelagh

The Shillelagh

Shillelagh (pronounced " shi - ley -li ) is the name for a traditional Irish stick or stick of blackthorn wood, who, having a thickening at the upper end.

Predominantly was this stick, which is available in different lengths, used as a weapon - the origin of this lies in the Faction Fights of 17-18 . century founded. The blackthorn wood was available easily and in large quantities species of high hardness and stiffness - it grew on each side of the road .

In the 19th Century it belonged in his form as walking stick naturally to the appearance of an Irish gentleman, until modern times disputes were often discharged with the Shillelagh .

Even the gangs of Irish immigrants in the U.S. and Canada used these weapons to discharge their deadly disputes. (see " Gangs of New York " )

The production

Traditionally, the blackthorn sticks, whose thorn batches were left on the stick, smeared with whiskey butter and smoked over fire ( in the fireplace ) - thus they received their dark , glossy surface - and of course a entschprechenden odor.

From this method of production then the term " whiskey - Stick" resulted .


Kinds of shillelaghs

Shillelaghs comes in different forms , as walking or walking stick with a length of up to 100 cm, as a pure weapon with a mean and a very short length ( " cudgel " or " bata " called ).