Umbrella Defense

Umbrella Defense


The "weapon" umbrella

The  Umbrella Defense, has been developed & designed specifically for the older persons. This self-defense system can be applied with an umbrella or walking stick and is geared to teach an indivisual how to effectively protect themselves against violent attacks.

Based on the principles of both Irish stick fighting techniques and Trinity Combat Concepts; the umbrella system (through the use of only 7 easy techniques) can turn a walking stick or umbrella into an extremely effective weapon in the hands of inexperienced or elderly user.

The umbrella or walking stick, this is almost exclusively performed with both hands. Due to the simplicity of the system, even beginners with no previous learning can learn very quickly how to defend themselves successfully with the help of an umbrella (or walking stick) against a variety of attacks - regardless of age or physical conditions.




At the start of training our members learn and react to compromising situations with only applications of defense & escape - the reality of every scenario. Only later, when the basics are mastered perfectly, will optional techniques be added that allow the practitioner to then subdue an attacker without sustaining any serious injuries oneself.

For the practitioner's safety, we always work with replica umbrellas that are cushioned for the practitioner's protection.

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Reality-based fitness training

The Umbrella Defense is not just a self-defense system, we have many older members that realize the health benefits of training - they keep their body fit and agile while training in the Umbrella Defense system, and for many of our seniors the training sessions are also welcomed opportunities to maintain social contacts and make new friends.